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Web Sites

Web Building and Enhancement Services

No web site is too large or too small for our services. If all you need is a single page we can help. If you want to add a few pages or features we can help. If you want an international web site which can support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous visitors we have delivered parts of one of the largest UK web sites and some complex international sites.

If you need eCommerce, shop window or brochure services please look here.

We have not listed all the ways in which we can help you there and below. If you cannot find the service you need then please either give us a call, email us or put the details in our Get A Quote form and we will get back to you.

Bespoke Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems, also known by the abbreviation CMS, allow you to change the content - the words, pictures, sound and video - on your site simply. As often as you want. Whenever you want to.

We can provide a CMS with an interface that is familiar to any user of a word processor. We keep the amount you need to know about the technical side of things to a minimum. This gets you up and running quickly.

Our bespoke approach ensures that you get what you need.

We have built a very complex CMS for one client who needed multiple languages and websites - .co.uk for the UK in English, .dk for Denmark in Danish and 20 more. Each website had to trade in its national currency. Everything was controlled by one database and we still kept the CMS simple.

Hosting and Email

We know where you can get hosting of a better quality than most FTSE 100 companies. No, it's not where this site is being hosted. We're using up a paid for contract.

We will get you the best within your budget. We do not resell hosting services or in any other way compromise our impartiality in advising you on this choice.

Search Engine Optimisation

We understand how to structure web sites and pages to respect Google's best practice rules. Existing sites can be rebuilt to take them off Google's blacklist or to improve their rankings.

We do not use smoke and mirrors. We can tell you how the Snake Oil works, but wont try to sell you any.

Access and Accessibility

We ensure that your site is viewable for 95% or more of potential visitors. We can resolve browser-specific issues.

To maximise a site's home page it should be completely rendered within the visitor's window without the need to scroll down or right. We have delivered many home pages with this approach.

We develop our sites to meet level 1 accessibility guidelines and go a long way towards level 2. This improves availability to those with some disabilities.

Web Amusements and Virals

One way to get more people to visit your site is to provide an amusement that causes visitors to not only return but also to tell their friends. We can provide quizzes, competitions and games, having considerable experience from the marketing and sales promotion sector. We can also source console-style games.

White Labelling

"White labelling" is a way of selling products from one site on another. Whether you want others to offer your products or you want to offer products from other sites we can help.

On Request Enhancements

We can help with following and more :