Our windows are on the web and the desktop
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Software Development

Windows Applications

We have developed many windows-based systems for the marketing and advertising sectors. Interactions for thousands of participants have been delivered for Bass Taverns, Express Group Newspapers and ITV, through marketing agencies. Our system SpotOn helped to identify the factors behind the best performing advertising spots for two media agencies.

Currently under wraps we have an educational game in development. Look out for more news in Spring 2008.

Non-Windows Applications

We can deliver web applications and kiosk software. We do not develop for OSX, Unix, Linux and other non-web and non-windows operating environments.

In 1999 we developed a kiosk system for Abbey National to encourage car loan uptake. A potential customer could value their current car at a kiosk, which used respected car-trade price data. They could then pick the car, either new or used, that they would like to purchase, and identify the size of loan they would require, and over what period they might like to repay that loan.